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History & Profile

Since 1917, the reliability of the Nikon brand is founded on continuous advanced technological power and R&D activities, bringing us to where we are today and into the future.

Nikon’s Core Technology

Nikon focuses on research and development of core technologies, specifically in the areas of optics, precision measurement and manufacturing, image processing, materials, software and systems.

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Nikon Imaging Technology

Nikon’s imaging technology is dependent on four elements: EXPEED, Picture Control and Image Sensors and NIKKOR lenses.


Nikon’s EXPEED image processors are literally the heart of every Nikon camera. Each is a super-fast and powerful image-processing engine which uses exclusive technologies to run through countless operations at lightning-fast speed, resulting in brilliant colours, industry- best noise handling and sharper details even when shooting in low or variable light conditions. With the EXPEED image-processing engine, Nikon cameras are built to ensure optimal image reproduction in almost any environment.


Nikon’s Picture Control features in many of Nikon’s more powerful camera models. The feature helps to fine-tune images according to subject matter and the user’s personal tastes.



Image sensors in every Nikon digital camera are designed to deliver sharp, high-resolution images with minimal noise.



NIKKOR, Nikon’s exclusive lens brand, has combined outstanding craftsmanship and modern innovation to push the boundaries of optical technology further than any other camera maker. The NIKKOR range for cameras with interchangeable lenses consists of more than 90 types of lenses, including ultra-wide-angle to super-telephoto, fisheye, zoom, micro, and PC-E. NIKKOR lenses also deploy Nikon’s very own technologies of the Silent Wave Motor (SWM) to produce exceptionally fast and quiet autofocus photography, and the Nano Crystal Coat whereby the exclusive coating effectively reduces flaring and ghosting.